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Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Back!


I am back after a vacation and 2 weeks without my laptop. I must say that it was nice not having the stress of having to take pics, send pics, and update my site. However, it's back to reality:(

We had a lovely, relaxing vacation. I have posted some fun pics on FB and a one really cool one here. Typically people post sunny beach shots but I took this one just before the storm and thought it was so awesome! It is fitting as the picture to the left is called "storm.".

I have some great news on the jewelry front. I was accepted into the Rocky River Arts Festival on September 19! Stop by if you have a chance. This means that I have to get a tent as I have borrowed them in the past and should also probably get a sign of sorts. MMM what started out to be a "free" show may not be free afterall!

I have also created some new pieces. I have posted them. My new addiction is pearls and leather. Stay tuned for that!

I also have a great lead for wholesale jewelry with a great little shop in Destin - keep your fingers crossed:)

Have a great weekend!!

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