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Friday, November 13, 2009


Hello all!

My router crashed and I just got my laptop back last night!  YEAH.  I have had a lot of computer issues this year. 

So I need your help!  I am redoing my home page on my website and need your ideas.  I need a catchy phrase that draws people in and making the layout very interesting.  Any ideas?

I have started my marketing campaign.  I called a few hair salons to see if they would be interesting in having a trunk show. I am also posting more on FB.  Don't get me wrong, I have had a great holiday season, but want to do more (always)

Well Rachael turns 17 tomorrow - so hard to believe. She is so grown up and so independent. Those of you with small kids - enjoy your time.  I remember always wishing she would get bigger so that I could take take her out without worrying about changing diapers or that she could talk to me and carry on a conversation.  Just enjoy every minute as they grow up so quickly:(

Well - have to go pick up her birthday cake - have a great weekend everyone. I have included a pic of an order I delivered this week - I really like and more importantly, the customer LOVED IT!!!


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