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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bead and Button Show


Boy it has been a while - sorry about that!!  Summer is a busy time for everyone, especially is you do art shows and dog shows:)  I do both!!

To catch you up on what is happening - I just accepted another position within the same company.  I start tomorrow!  I am very sad to leave all of the great people I worked with for the prior 4.5 years but also excited to work with some new people and learn a totally different set of skills. 

On the dog front - Piper took BOB at the Kalamazoo shows last weekend - YEAH Piper!  We only showed one day but it was a 4 day show - wishing I stayed for more:(

Rachael is officially done with school on Tuesday and she also got a new job!!!!  Bob Evans YUM!!!!  Say goodbye to McDonalds where she has worked for the prior two years!!!

On the jewelry front - I have not had much time creating new things, but I am working on a pretty pink bracelet - will look great for summer with a nice tan hand/arm:)  I know sun is bad, but I just love having that glow- makes you feel so good!!

I am going to the Bead and Button show this week - YEAH!!  I have had this trip booked for over 6 mos and it is finally here.  It started out when I was looking for a class on learing Keum Boo.  I found a location in CA but that was a little pricey considering plain fair so I was told to check out Bead and Button in Miwaukee, WI and sure enough they offered a class. 

Here is a link http://www.beadandbuttonshow.com/bnbshow/default.aspx.
This is the largest consumer bead show in the world but don't the the word bead scare you as it has everything and so many classes.  I wanted to take several more but I was too late in registering:(

I will be going on this trip alone which really is the only way to go as no one in my family would want to walk around a bead show all day then wait for me while I take a class.  I am super excited and get to learn a new technique!!! Here is a link which outlines it very nicely - so excited!!!


I will post when I get back from my trip.  Have a great week!!!

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