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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Resin Jewelry/Loss of a Friend


Hope everyone is doing well on this first day of Spring!  It is a bit chilly here and partly cloudy but I am NOT complaining! 

Piper is at her first dog show in KY and she took the point yesterday - YEAH. She also took the point again today!!!  I love my dogs:)

Well over the past week I learned how to create resin jewelry. It was a huge hit - all of the pieces I created were sold.  It is a really fun, ecomonical way to wear fun, colorful jewelry!  I started out using base metal or metal which is coated with silver, however, I am going to work my way up to Sterling! 

Resin is really fun as it acts like a picture frame for your subject.  So far I have worked with paper and beach glass.  I would like to start adding things to my pieces, beads, stones, etc but I seem to like the simplicity of the fun patterns on the paper.  Stay tuned.

I am going to put my resin pieces in my Etsy store only so check them out: http://www.jewelrybyfrancine.etsy.com/.

I have also attached a picture.  
I also wanted to take a moment to reflect on a old friend who died this week - Sharon Pullar.  Sharon was just a wonderful, carefree person.  I do not think she ever had a care in the world.  They found her body in her home this week we do not yet know how she died. 

While I have not kept in touch with Sharon over the past 25 years, looking at pictures posted on FB bring back all of the HS memories we had.  As someone posted on FB yesterday, heaven is now laughing.  How true.  RIP Sharon Pullar - I will miss you:)

Until next time...

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