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Friday, April 2, 2010

What Size Should I Get?


Happy Friday!  It is the 1st day of my staycation and I got a lot accomplished - even starting on cleaning out my closet:) 

Before I jump into jewelry, I want to talk a little bit about my puppy, Piper.  She is just such a character!  At the part last night she got to go into the creek and retrieve a golf ball which thrown to her by a little girl (frient) she met at the park.  When Piper could not find the ball in the water (it was sort of deep) she gave up but instisted that the little girl had more balls in her pocket and stared at her for forever hoping that she would, once again, throw something in the water.  Let me tell you, it was hard to pull her away from that little girl:) 

I have been getting a lot of questions about sizing for rings and bracelets so I thought I would share some of my knowledge with you. 

First of all I have ring and bracelet sizers on my website - take a look - no you do not have to purchase something to use them.  http://www.jewelrybyfrancine.com/sizingfr.html

Rings - Do you go a size up or a size down if you are in between sizes?  Answer:  A size up.  Our body swells depending on water retention and if you purchase a size larger you can always wear it on another finger.  You may also purchase a guard at a jewelry store.

Bracelets - While bracelets may go around your wrists, some are meant to hang a bit longer and fall on the hand than others.  On my site I will indicate if a particular bracelet should be worn loose or fitted.  However, it is generally up to taste of the person who is purchasing the bracelet.  If I specify that the bracelet should be worn fitted, then you should typically add .5 inch or less to your wrist size.  The bracelet and bangle sizers are a great tool to determine what size to order on all other bracelets. 

Necklaces/Chains - The most common length necklace/chain size is 18 inches. This length chain can accomodate many different styles of charms or pendants and in a necklace, it typically hits in the right spot it shoes when you wearing most shirts.  This is also the most flattering length for the general public.

16 inches - is more of a choker length and looks good on a person with a longer, thinner neck.

20 inches - is, of course, a longer chain and I think looks great with our Love Tags and personalized pieces and is becoming more popular as it can be worn over most shirts.


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