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Friday, May 29, 2009


I am so excited - I have one follower and I have had positive feedback on my 1st post. Follower, that sound sort of like this is a cult - oh well!
Ok so I figured that it would be nice for folks to see my "studio" since I am, afterall, making art/jewelry. I also thought that it would be nice to show pics of my "girls." For those of you who do not really know me, when I say my girls, I am referring to my dogs.
I know, I know, what about my "real" girl, Rachael, well she is 16 so need I say more?? Plus she just got her 1st car today so I will not be seeing her for a while.

Ok back to my "studio." As you can see from my pictures it is state of the art. I know for someone who is really just starting out, it is truly amazing. Yes, my work space is in between a refrigerator and a shower. This is really convenient so that when I am in the work mode, I never have to leave the basement. Yes, my lovely "studio" is in the basement.

Pictures :
Top Pic: Bailey - I know she looks dead, but she is 14 years old and heading in that direction. Seriously, she has been the most wonderful dog anyone can ask for. She is the reason why I got into dog showing. (thanks Bay - love you!!)
Left Pic: Cindy AKA Ch Magic Cinderella Story SH. This is my little princess and my heart dog. Need I say more?
Right Pic: My "studio" The mirror is such a nice touch - NOT!!!
My 3rd dog is not pictured as she was sleeping on the couch in the other room - She is a fair weather friend - not sleeping on the floor to be near me. Maybe next time I will show you a picture of Shea.
Until next time...

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  1. Too cute! Very exciting that Rachael has a car. Good for her!