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Sunday, September 27, 2009



WOW I cannot believe that it is almost October. Fall is my favorite season but like spring, it is too short! I am so glad that my Piper came now instead of the dead of winter. I know they say it is easier to housebreak a puppy in the winter but who cares! It is nice leaving her with all of her baby sitters outside for a few hours.

Speaking of Piper, she is a really good puppy. A little stubborn but nothing that I cannot handle. She does not like it when you are mad at her so I think she will be very eager to please.

The rest of the year in terms of jewelry is BUSY! 4 home parties!!! This is great and I am busy making some new pieces and more fall/winter pieces so stay tuned!

Well I am off to socialize Piper over Linda's house. She gets to see a cat and 2 Vizslas:)

Have a good one!!

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