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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter is Here!


I am certainly not complaining but boy is in bitter cold here in Akron, Ohio.  This is, however, the 1st winter storm and there is not snow so I am happy!  I was able to take my puppy for a walk today which made me feel a bit better getting out in the fresh air.  Staying home for as long as I have been home gets old.  I have a new respect on folks who are home bound - that is for sure!

The big dog show is in Cleveland this weekend.  It is a four day cluster so it is typically a big show but not for my two breeds and Piper is still too young to show.  She does not turn 6 mos until Christmas!  This is fine with me as she needs a lot of work on the grooming side she is a little mop!!!  She is, however, doing well on the handling side - once she knows she cannot get away with things she is very good.  She is very hard headed!

Christmas decorations - I did not put them up for the 1st time in FOREVER.  They are down from the attic but just no energy to put them up.  Plus, they will only be up for a few weeks.  That seems like a lot of work to have them up for that length of time. 

Just wanted to post a few pics of some pieces that I have created recently.  I have a new obsession - Mokume-Gane - The earrings and ring are examples.  It is mixed metals this pic is sterling and copper but the possibilities are endless!!! These earrings sold after 5 mins of being listed on Etsy so I guess other folks like it too!  Enjoy!!!

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