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Monday, February 22, 2010



It actually rained today in Ohio.  Can you believe it?  While I do not like rain because of my dogs tracking in the mud it creates, the plus side is it reminds me that spring is just around the corner:)  I love spring!  Spring means dog shows, walks, and the beginning of art show season. I truly believe that the sun makes people happier!!

Anyhow the website is going well!  I am trying to become proficient in adding pieces correctly.  I have the pictures down and the descriptions, just working on the shipping and inventory section.  I will get there soon!

On the dog front I finally feel more confortable grooming my Piper.  She is a new breed to me and requires hand stripping which I have never done before and quite frankly, feel bad doing to the poor dog.  I need to get over that as she still loves me when she jumps down from the table!

Oh - I did want to mention the latest jewelry craze, cold connections or rivets.  I have several pieces available where I have incorporated this technique.  I like the look as it gives the jewelry a more finished look.  I did create a really cute pair of earrings but I sold them and cannot locate the picture.  They truly showed what riveting looked like as they were mixed metal.  I am going to post two pieces where I used rivets so you can see what it looks like!  The necklace is called SHAPES and the ring is called 10 o clock. 

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