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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Adventures

Hello everyone!

Well it is ALMOST perfect. The site, that is.  What a pain staking process, reading, reviewing, re-reading over and over and I still seem to find things that are not perfect:(  Overall, I am happy with the site and cannot wait until I learn how to update it myself so that I can add all of my new pieces!

Valentine's day is this weekend - doing anything fun?  I truly have no idea what is planned for me as I did not plan anything for my hubby.  We go out on New Year's eve so I guess we can stay in on Valentine's day, the other "big night out."

Oh - I am so excited as I am going to the Bead and Button show in June.  It is in Milwaukee, WI.  I am STOKED.  I will be like a kid in a candy store and I am taking a class on how to do Keum Boo - WOW it is sooo pretty.  Here is an example and some more info on what it is and how it came to be:


In addition to learning about jewelry, I get to meet Piper's breeder, Courtney!  I am also very excited about that.  Makes the 7 hour trip very worth it.

I have some projects on my bench that I have been neglecting, so have a good one.  Until next time...

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