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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Your Favorite Piece of Jewelry


I thought of a great idea so we could all share a picture or a short description of our favorite piece of jewelry as a child.   For example, remember those Avon pins which opened and had cologne on the inside?  They came in all sorts of colors and shapes.  I LOVED those!!  I think partially because my Mom never ordered from Avon so like anything else, you always want what you don't have. 

So... please share your favorite piece of jewelry!  Let's have fun!!!!



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  2. Lauren - I also grew up in Shaker Hts!!! So much of a coincidence. I also remember Halle's and the rapid. Thanks for responding!!

  3. Lauren - I also still have a pin of a yellow duck if I remember I will take a pic and post it. Pins must have been big in the 70s Did you graduate from Shaker?

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