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Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Happy New Year all!!

Another decade is upon us and this is my 44th year of life - WOW hard to believe.  My daughter, Rachael, will graduate from HS in 2011 so one more year and my husband and I are empty nesters. This new stage of life brings on new joys and dissappointments. 

Not that 43 - almost 44 is old but there are good things to being young - mostly physical.  Becoming wiser is a plus of getting older.  Knowing what to expect in different circumstances and how to deal with certain people.  All of which my 17 y/o daughter cannot do.  On the other hand, she can do WAY more physically than I can do.  This does not mean that I am old lady like but after your body has been around almost 44 years it starts to need a little maintenance from time to time.

Ok enough about age.  I have posted a pic of my puppy, Piper.  I have truly grown to adore this dog.  This is a new breed for me and I have not been dissappointed.  If I take a step - Piper takes a step.  If I smile - she wags her tail.  She is very in tune with me.  We can start showing now as she turned 6 mos old on Christmas.  I think I am going to wait until the spring to enter shows since the weather in OH can be so unpredictable.  I will keep everyone apprised!

My other girls, Shea and Cindy are getting old.  Shea will be 10 in Feb and Cindy will be 10 in August.  Cindy is my heart dog - we have a mutual understanding of what she wants based on her look and her head bobs  She is the dog I will go to the end of the universe to keep alive as long as I can.

She recently had her teeth cleaned and a geriatric panel (blood work) as well as a growth removed from her shoulder.  The doctor thought it looked cancerous, however, it was not even precancerous.  This was the best present anyone could give me despite the very expensive - $800 bill from the vet.  As they say - that is priceless:)

Shea acts like a 10 mo old puppy not a 10 y.o puppy and is Piper's playmate.  Cindy does not think she is a dog and absolutely will not play with another animal:)  Shea has IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) which is under control through diet.  She also has minor arthritis for which she gets Rymidal when I see her suffering as it has too many negative side affects to give her everyday.  Shea is a love and has never met a stranger.  She is also my stalker - she will stay out all night hunting for little and not so little creatures. 

So needless to say, when I die, I want to come back as one of my dogs. They are treated like princesses!  Well, all expect Ch. Magic Cinderella Story SH - she is a REAL one:)

Have a great week all!!!

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