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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Before the Big Night!

Isn't she just so freaking cute??????


Just about packed up for the "gig" tomorrow night. Sort of dissapointed that the bags I order have not arrived - that means that I will have to purchase more - I am trying to create a "brand image" and use either black or fuschia colored organza bag with a ribbon around the bag.

I am also excited that 4 of my friends will there tomorrow - totally excited going to "use" them as my wingmen to sell my jewelry!! Hey - this was NOT my idea it was my husbands - go figure.

Want to find a class on how to enamel - anyone have any suggestions???

I am also getting into gold - this is totally not good do you know how much gold is - check out the prices YIKES!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gold Price Close Today : 964.50 Change: -18.70 or -1.9%


Currently this is the only gold piece that I have - actually it is not even gold filled or 14k it is vermeil, but I still think it it pretty- delicate. Check it out on the website - It is called Revival it's on the bracelet page.


Have a great night!!!

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