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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Weekend


Had quite a scare today, Bailey, my cocker who is 14 feel down about 9-10 feet!!!! Tom is replacing part of our deck and since she is blind in one eye she could not see that a board was missing and down she went!! Of course we all freaked out but looks like other than tearing a skin tag and a little limp all is well. Gave her some pain medicine and am restricting her exercise and will keep on eye on her. Those of you with dogs will appreciate the scariness of this.

What a nice day in Cleveland area! Wish the weather could stay this way forever!

Anyhow had a productive jewelry weekend - just posting one of my gold pieces as I do not want to bore you but check out the Etsy site for all of the new pieces!

Have a wonderful Saturday night and Sunday! Talk soon.

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