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Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Sorry it's been a while! Thanks to those 2 people who voted in my jewelry poll!!!!

A few updates on the home front. We get a frantic call from Rachael on Saturday night around 9:30 pm. She filled her car up $32.00 and it leaked out all over the gas station and into the street. The gas station had to call the fire department and the gas station was closed for like 2 hours. We then had to have the car towed. So $150 later - the car is currently being repaired at the dealership. UGH!!! The good news, however, is that the dealership will foot the bill!!

Puppy update - well it is official - just mailed the deposit today. She will be born on the 24th of 25th of June. I am hoping the 24th as then we will share a birthday!! How much fun is that.

So you may be asking yourself - what kind of dog? While many of you might think you know, I am in the mood for a change. My new puppy will be a GWP - German Wirehaired Pointer. I know, I know why a change - for one, the shedding. I absolutely adore my Brittanys but am really really tired of the white hair EVERYWHERE. I also really really wanted a Cindy grand daughter but it does not look like that is going to happen. So this is the route I went. I will keep you apprised.

Jewelry - I am doing the St. Demetrious Greek Festival this Thurs - Sunday! I am really excited. It is in Rocky River - here is a link to the church. http://www.saintdemetriosrr.org/
If you are in the neighborhood, stop by! I created this really cute sign for my table so that people know who I am. What do you think? It really looks better in person. I painted on a canvas with acrylic paints and it it stands on an easal. A lot less expensive then getting a sign made and sort of cute - fits in with my hand stamped jewelry.
Oh and I should blog about Tom, my husband. He got a bit paranoid when he snooped on my FB and asked why I did not indicate that I was married in my profile. Hey - at least I did not indicate that I was looking for a relationship:)
Until next time...

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  1. Congrats on the new puppy! Be sure to post pics! Jewellery looks wonderful. I prefer silver:)