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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jewelry Poll

Hello - I am going to try a consistent format for my blog to make it look prettier, more professional.

It's Tuesday and tomorrow starts the YART sale on Etsy. From June 10 - 14 I will have 8 items for sale. I have created a YART section in my shop. Check it out as there are some nice deals.

As you know, I am really into working with gold. I adore sterling, copper and brass, but there is just something magical about gold. This brings me to my poll. If you are following along or just tuning in from time to time, please comment and let me know if you prefer gold or silver. Thanks for all of your feedback!

Speaking of followers, I was happy to hear today that I have several folks who check in from time to time. This is very exciting to me as it makes every key stroke worth while. Thanks everyone!

Bailey is doing very well considering she fell 9 feet a few days ago - talk about 9 lives. She fell about a month ago and did not injure herself.

I never made that necklace that I talked about last Friday as I was too busy creating my flower bracelet. This is probably the 1st piece that I created totally from scratch - cut sheet, wire, drew flowers and will eventually create the clasp (still deciding on what I want to do with that ). So...

What do you think? I really like it. I initially thought that I would just have flowers, no circle in the middle. Then I received my shipment from Monsterslayer (LOVE THAT STORE!!!) I decided to solder the circles on after I texturized them with my new hammer.

I will have a special bond with the person who eventually purchases this piece as I worked on this Fri - Sun and I am still staring at it:)

Well please do not forget to leave your comments about gold or silver.

Until next time...

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